About us

Siloan Medical Center

Creating hospitals where every Nigerian can access quality health care services irrespective of what their health needs are.

Healthy People, Wealthy Nation.

Siloan Medical Centre (SMC) is a private hospital that provides clinical medical services, diagnostic and pharmaceutical services to both low and middle income earners.

We were established to ensure that every Nigeria who needs quality health care services can access same at affordable rates. This is pursuant to the 3rd SDG goal and helping ensure the fulfilment of universal health coverage goal. This we have done well as we are popularly referred to as a general hospital with a swag and in the 6years of our existence, we have become one of the fore most hospitals in our environment

Your Well-Being is our Main Priority.

SMC provides QUALITY primary and secondary health care services (General Medical Practice, Emergency Care, Laboratory and Surgical services) through well trained and experienced medical professional.  We believe strongly that ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone will directly impact on their ability to work and earn a leaving ultimately contributing to the overall economic success of Nigeria as a country.

We are accessible 24/7.

We are based in Ejigbo Lagos with a branch in Mushin Lagos. Our hospitals are well equipped with a 24hrs out-patients clinic, an emergency room with the required service of an ambulance, a dispensary (drug Store), In-patient accommodation (well fitted children, female, male, labour and delivery ward), a state of the art operating theatre with an adjoining recovery room, a laboratory well equipped with medical diagnostic equipment and private rooms for those that require a high level medical privacy.