Our Mission

To ensure the health and wellbeing of every Nigerian by providing access to quality health care services at affordable rates.

Our Objective at Siloan Medical Center

Mission Statement

To create hospitals where every Nigerian can access quality health care services irrespective of what their health needs are.

Value Proposition

At SMC, we believe in the value of the human life therefore we dedicate ourselves to the highest medical and ethical standards. We also hold the following values to be self-evident in our practice: 

Loyalty and Family

As a staff of SMC, you belong to a family where love and respect is common to all irrespective of your status, position and age. Here the Strength of one is in all and the strength of all is in one.
We are bonded together in duty and service.

We celebrate and mourn with each other as with ourselves. We do not forsake or take lightly our duty to each other. Once a good SMC staff always an SMC staff.


At SMC we push ourselves to question the status-quo and deliberately seek to deepen our understanding of our Patient’s needs against the backdrop of external factors capable of impacting on their lives and health.

This results in new areas of possibilities in our service delivery and style, better working processes and systems as well as refined strategies that create a real competitive advantage.


We realize the need to be nimble and adapt to diverse circumstances in order to optimally serve our patients efficiently and deliver credible solutions.
We achieve this by an in-depth understanding of patients’ needs, the complexity of the illness/condition and the urgency of the situation.

This above is met with high levels of qualification across board and our invaluable experience gained by our combined years of experience.


At the heart of our corporate culture is pure passion which exudes through all our actions and activities.

Our passion to provide our patients with unparalled expertise and professionalism irrespective of their health complexities is palpable.

Our Staff learn to shift the paradigm and share our patients’ pain/condition through the entire spectrum of empathy and humanity


At the core of our corporate existence lies one of our greatest and most natural strengths – “Empathy”. Moved by the pain and discomfort suffered by our patients, our passion is fuelled to do everything medically possible to ensure our patients regain perfect health.

We achieve this by placing ourselves in the shoes of each patient and responding to their needs based on our understanding of what we would have required in their shoes.

Our empathy is also fuelled by a humbling sense of social responsibility as we devote considerable time and resources to ensure every patient leaves with their health intact and a sense of contentment and great satisfaction.

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