Our Services

Siloan Medical Center offers a range of services.

General Practice

We have a highly functional general in and out-patient clinic run by excellently trained personnel with a wealth of medical experience. Our Outpatient clinic is always open and runs for 24hrs a day; seven (7) days a week
We have, a state of the art operating theatre with an adjoining recovery room, and private rooms for those that require a high level medical privacy.

Drug Store

We have a well-stocked drug store that effectively dispenses drugs to both in and out patients to ensure optimal health outcomes occasioned by the proper and adequate use of medication.

The drug store is open and serves patients twenty- four hours (24hrs) a day; seven (7) days a week

Laboratory Services

We have a Laboratory well-equipped with state of the art medical diagnostic equipment calibrated to ensure the highest standards of proficiency in diagnosis treatment and prevention of diseases.

We carry out a wide range of tests on in-house clinical specimens in order to get vital information about a patient to aid our diagnosis and treatment.

Emergency, Paediatric, Gynaecological, Antenatal and Maternity Services

SMC is a 30 bed hospital divided into the male, female, children and private wards. We also have a fully equipped labour ward and Delivery room.

The wards are adequately equipped to adequately provide a comfortable stay for in patients and private rooms for those that require a high level medical privacy.​

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